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"All living beings are created equal" - DR. TORAO TOKUDA

Four mandates as member of parliament in Japan and owner of Tokushukai Medical Corporation, the investor in Tokuda Hospital Sofia, main shareholder in Tokuda Bank Ltd Sofia.
Tokushukai Medical Corporation is the biggest medical chain not only in Japan but all over the world: The corporation holds more than 280 hospitals in Japan.
Tokuda Hospital Sofia is the first Dr. Tokuda's hospital abroad. As a pilot project, this hospital is planned to be a medical enterprise on the highest level in Bulgaria as well as in the entire region. Bulgaria and Sofia won the competition with Moscow, Seoul, Beigin, Warsaw, Belgrade and Bucharest for this pilot project.

The first visit of Dr. Tokuda to Bulgaria was in June 1997. At that time the idea to build a Japanese hospital in Sofia came into being because: "Here I liked the people and the country too. I was convinced in the qualities of the Bulgarian physicians. To build a clinic is like to build a love-match. Our hospital here is namely a wedding love-match". An important reason for this choice is the key location of Bulgaria on the Balkans and in Europe.

GENERAL PRINCIPLES: No unofficial payments, utmost attention to the patient, 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year, continuously improving the medical, technical and administrative qualification.
MEDICAL SERVICES: A multifunctional hospital, surgical department with 12 operation rooms, one day surgery, cardiosurgery, radio-therapeutical block, modern diagnostic centre, high-technology equipment as MRI, positron emission tomography, CT and others, emergency ward with own transport, preventive medicine centre.
Almost all medical specialties are performed. Here are some of these:
 Imaging diagnostics: Most modern diagnostic equipment: 64 multidetector CT, 1,5Т MRI, 2 catheter laboratories, osteodensitometer, mobile x-ray equipment, Gamma camera, positron emission tomography for exact diagnostics of different pathology.
 Cardiology: diagnostics of all cardio-vascular diseases, latest generation ultrasound equipment, new and unique for Bulgaria cardio-vascular invasive methods and procedures.
 Internal diseases: multi-sector department with all specialties - endocrinology, gastroenterology, pulmology, nefrology, haematology, allergology, and rheumatology. The latest version of endoscope image equipment of Olympus Company.
 Neurology: Diagnostic, treatment and prevention of brain strokes and the main streams in Neurology. Full range of Interventional Neurology and functional diagnostics with the latest medical equipment available - Dopler Sonography, EEG and EMG.
 General Surgery: Applies the most modern and international recognized methods. Liver surgery Oesophagus
 One-day Surgery: Vast range of maximum sparing interventions with minimum loss of blood, painless methods, and short recovery period. The Department has excellent surgery equipment and eminent surgeons.
 Cardiosurgery: Provides the whole range of cardiosurgery for adults: bypass, valve-replacement, etc. Implements the Japanese experience in "beating heart" operations using artery vascular.
 Vascular surgery: Ultrasound diagnostics and minimum invasive treatment of vascular stenosis. Intra-operational monitoring of cerebral blood circulation via intracranial Dopler and evoked potentials.
 Neurosurgery: The team is capable to perform "awake anaesthesia", operations in all neurosurgery field. Only Tokuda Hospital has an operating microscope with additional imunoflorescence, cortical stimulator, pneumatic high-speed craniotomy and neuron-navigation system.
 Anaesthesiology and Intensive treatment: Preoperational consultations and preparations for invasive procedures. Safe anaesthesia, modern equipment, consumables, and medicines, one-day anaesthesia, analgesia, pain treatment.
 Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Mini-invasive articulation replacement which leads to fast recovery. Modern techniques in arthroscope surgery, computer-assisted operations, latest high-quality implants.
 Urology: Ultrasonic lithotripsy /kidney stone removal/, forthcoming of external lithotripsy, sterility medication, erection disorders, endoscope methods of treatment.  Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Provides painless delivery in a private room with the option for the father presence, the patient can choose the medical team. In Gynaecology - cancer prevention, early diagnostics and treatment.
 Neonatology: Possibility of prenatal genetic diagnostics for diseases in childhood, engagement to follow the development of healthy newborn babies and the risky ones as well.
 Paediatric department: General paediatric directions, image and functional tests, development of prophylactic school for children and parents.
 Ophthalmology: We are the only one hospital with one-day surgery Ocular department. Cataract operations, glaucoma, retina sticking off, ocular traumas, refractive surgery and children ocular surgery are performed.
 ENT department: All kinds of operations are performed. It has a perfect system for image-diagnostics; possibility for chip implanting.
 Maxillo-facial and plastic surgery: Maxillo-facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Full range of maxillo-facial oncology and traumatology operations, orthognatic surgery.
 Dermatology and Venerology: Phototherapy and wild range of diagnostic and treatment possibilities, psoriasis treatment programme, dermatology surgery.
 Haemodialysis: the biggest department of its kind on the Balkans with 50 haemodialysis machines, the latest version of "Nipro". Every one of the patients will have a Technicolor TV.
 Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: Department with alternative pain treatment, unique program for body weight reduction of children and adults.
 Dental medicine: Profound and high-quality dental treatment and prevention using modern methods. Individual prevention programmes, conservative, surgery treatment and aesthetics.
 Clinical laboratory: Full blood test with 22 indicators, modern analytical equipment and computer information system.
 Clinical microbiology: Latest version automated systems for testifying all kinds of infection agents.
 Clinical and Surgery Pathology: Express intraoperational tissue and histology diagnostics, cell morphology.
 Human doc: Center for preventive medicine - a long-established tradition in Japan. Healthy and active people can find here medical examinations and consultations at convenient time and in most comfortable condintions.
 Future Genome centre: Enormous opportunities for diagnostics of cancer within 80 minutes based on genetic information.

High qualified Bulgarian physicians and other specialists in all medical fields, as well as young specialists who are trained in Dr. Tokuda's clinics in Japan. Over 100 Bulgarian specialists have specialized in Tokushukai hospitals in Japan. Tokuda Hospital Sofia attracts foreign consultants in different fields who diagnose and treat in Sofia.
The health care professionals are deeply motivated to provide high-quality medical care and comfort to the patients. The nurses are educated to work with high-tech equipment and have specialized in Japan also.

NEW PHILOSOPHY OF HEALTH Special attention is devoted to the preventive medicine, prophylaxis and discovering diseases on time. A specialized sector in the hospital consults active and healthy people. The aim is to clarify the risky categories and diseases in their early latent period when the treatment is effective.

For contacts and treatment in „Tokuda” Hospital, please contact the specialists of BGMedicalTourism by phone on +359.52.919.928 or send your inquiry online here.


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